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1960s: Swinging into Australian Mid Century Style
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1960s: Swinging into Australian Mid Century Style

Journey back to the 1960s, an era of cultural transformation, bold experimentation, and the emergence of iconic design movements. In Australia, the mid-century modern style continued to evolve, leaving a lasting mark on the country's design landscape. Let’s explore the distinctive characteristics of Australian mid-century furniture from the 1960s, celebrating the creativity and innovation that defined this stylish period.  This era was lead by designers such as Verner Panton, Warren Platner and Grant Featherston.

Exploring the Design Language of the 1960s:

Sculptural Form and Functionality:

The 1960s saw a shift towards sculptural forms and organic shapes. Australian designers embraced the playful and avant-garde, crafting furniture pieces that doubled as functional art. From curvaceous lounge chairs to futuristic coffee tables, the emphasis was on both form and functionality.

Vibrant Colors and Patterns:

As the world embraced color in the 1960s, Australian mid-century furniture followed suit. Vibrant hues and bold patterns adorned upholstery, injecting a sense of energy and optimism into living spaces. Think mustard yellows, burnt oranges, and psychedelic prints.

Teak and Rosewood Mastery:

Australian designers continued to experiment with materials, and the use of teak and rosewood became especially prominent. These rich, warm woods added a touch of sophistication to mid-century pieces, contributing to the enduring appeal of furniture from this era.

Open-Plan Living Influence:

The 1960s witnessed a cultural shift towards open-plan living spaces. Australian mid-century furniture designers responded with modular and adaptable pieces that complemented the changing dynamics of modern family life.

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